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Ahli Berdaftar Sila Log Masuk Untuk Nikmati Diskaun

Terms & Conditions

  1. Team Card 2021 is valid for use until 1 December 2021. For Team Card 2020 membership, only the renewed membership will enjoy the same benefits.
  2. TFC Membership Card 2021 will only be issued after registration,
  3. TFC Membership Card owners need to physically display this card for every purchase at the sponsor’s partner store or store to enjoy special discounts.
  4. TFC Membership Card owners will be able to enjoy discounts on the purchase of official TFC goods starting 2 February 2020.
  5. This TFC Membership Card cannot be transferred or resold.
  6. The owner of the TFC Membership Card must agree to the terms and conditions of the sponsor.
  7. TFC will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of TFC Membership Card. If this happens, the owner must make a report directly to TFC and repurchase the new Team Card.
  8. TFC reserves the right to cancel or reject this membership application if the applicant is involved in fraud or misuse of the card.
  9. TFC Membership Card owners can also go to the official membership site at or email directly to for any further info.
  10. TFC reserves the right to change the member’s advantages as well as terms and conditions without prior notice.
  11. For more information on the promotion that takes place with TFC Membership Card partners, holders can refer to official website on the TFC Membership Card tab.
  12. For a lost TFC Membership card membership card, a payment of RM20 is required for the issuance of a new card.
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